Vivolt + UXmonkeys

Como Vivolt ahorra 50% del tiempo en diseño con los tests no moderados

Key achievements:

Industria: Energía
Rol: CEO
Tipo de cliente: B2B2C


Sobre Vivolt:
Vivolt es una consultora energética que se encarga de bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


+15 Observaciones en 15 minutos

+350% ahorro tiempo en entontrar la información

6X conversiones desde la pagina web



The Expedia Group research team was a small but growing group focused on promoting customer-centric thinking and creating an engaging customer experience. Because the team was small, they needed to work efficiently with the ability to scale throughout the organization, including with international teams.

However, in-lab testing was labor-intensive and slow. The team needed to develop a faster, more agile approach that they could scale across other teams to augment the small but growing research team, specifically in Japan where recruiting and interviewing customers was expensive, logistically challenging, and time-consuming.



The team used two UserTesting capabilities, Live Conversation and Invite Network, to reduce time and costs for customer interviews and expand their audience reach to other markets, like Japan, which was expensive and time-consuming to manage in person.

Through this approach, Expedia Group was able to set up and deploy tests in minutes and receive customer feedback the same day, often within two hours of launching a test. Results were then shared across the organization the same day.




Because of the team’s improved efficiency and scalability, it was able to grow the customer research program. This included, adding additional researchers from 6 to 28, allowing them to increase the number of insights year over year. The speed and relevance of the insights the research team gathers are also helping promote a customer-centric mindset throughout the entire company.