Remote User Testing Made Easy

Truly understand how people experience your website and validate product decisions with real people

Diseña con empatía hacia el usuario

See how your target user interacts with your design, and hear them describe where they get stuck or confused

Testea tus productos

Enter the URL to your website, prototype or file and choose a task scenario for your testers


Identifica problemas de usabilidad & UX

Watch video recordings of people using your site and hear what they think. Spot bugs, issues and areas of confusion


Mejora contínuamente

Continuously improve your site’s experience with automated, weekly running user tests.

Observa qué hacen los usuarios y escucha sus pensamientos e impresiones

Full screen capture

Get 5–15 minute videos of users recording their unbiased experience on your site and see where the pain points are.

Audio commentary

Hear what users are thinking while using your site and understand the why behind their clicks.

Personal devices

Our testers use your site on their own devices – the same they use every day.

Natural environments

Your site will be tested at the time of choice of our testers and in their natural environments.

Crea tus tests en minutos

Setup in minutes

First setup is done in minutes – all you need is to enter the URL to your site. No code installation needed.

Choose demographics

Select gender, age, or region of your testers to match your target audience.

Invite your own participants NEW

Generate a unique link and share it with anybody you would like to participate in your test.

Multiple devices

Choose the devices you want to test on and experience your site under various conditions

Get your insights to the right people

Easily share bugs, pain points and user insights with your team or your stakeholders.

Video annotations

Add comments, quotes, and key takeaways with video evidence and feedback from real users.


find transcriptions convienientely located with timestamps

Share insights

Share your tests recordings and notes with your team, boss or stakeholders

Una plataforma, infinitas posibilidades

Test an array of live websites, those under development, prototypes or even competitor’s sites on either smartphones, desktops or tablets.

✔️ Live sites and sites under development

✔️ Password protected sites

✔️ Wireframes or flat images

✔️ High- and low-fidelity prototypes

✔️ A/B tests and CRO hypotheses

✔️ Copy and other pieces of content

✔️ Onboarding process

✔️ Navigation and menu structure

✔️ Competitor websites and emails

✔️ Google search result pages

✔️ Landing pages and lead forms

✔️ Sales emails and marketing newsletters

✔️ Iconography and imagery

✔️ And much more…